Belmont Abbey Strength & Conditioning

In the summer of 2012, thanks to a generous donation, the lower gym inside the Wheeler Center became the new home of Belmont Abbey Strength and Conditioning.


The area is six times larger than the previoius weight room, which better accomodates the needs of our student/athletes.

In addition to the equipment that was already in place, Belmont Abbey received 14 spin bikes, four treadmills (in addition to the two already in place), two stationery bikes, three elliptical machines (in addition to one in place), a cable pulley station with a low row, pre-weighted barbells, a hip abductor/adductor machine, leg press, leg curl, leg extension, lat pulldown, ab machines, shoulder press, chest press, a complete set of dumbbells (max of 65 pounds) with rack, a smith machine, a bicep/tricep machine, several medicine balls, swiss balls with mats, several step aerobic benches with lifts and a back extension machine.

The facility is open to the entire Belmont Abbey community, including all students, faculty/staff, and monestary.